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Evidence for the Frontline Conference - June 17th 2016

On Thursday 16th June, the Evidence for the Frontline Conference took place at the UCL Knowledge Lab in London.

As you will see from the programme below, we had an impressive line-up of speakers and many opportunities for teachers and researchers to discuss how to mobilise research, such that it could have a real impact in classrooms.  This blog post captures the events of the day, including discussions and presentations.

Maintaining awareness of students with speech, language and communication needs by Jo Russell

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to contemplate ideas around working memory and task design, both in a Research Advocates session, and during our Back2School Inset.  The concepts of extraneous, intrinsic and germane loads on working memory set me thinking about students with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

App of the Month - May 2016 - Collaboration tools

One of the key goals for Blended Learning is the idea of collaboration. This could be group work in lessons, collaborating with teachers, collaborating with peers outside lesson times or simply presenting work at the front of the class for analysis.

In the spirit of not introducing a raft of new tools, we revisit some of the tools for collaboration that were seen at our #Back2School conference in February including Google Classroom, Nearpod, Baiboard, Quizziz and Airserver.

Thanks to Jo Jones for putting a crib sheet together for our Twilight CPD sessions. This is worth sharing with a wider audience.

BYOD and Exit Tickets

Exit Ticket example

How can we make a judgement on progress in a lesson or across a series of lessons?

You can use summative assessment, but sometimes a quick quiz or exit ticket can provide information from each individual learner to make this judgement.

Farafenni and St. Albans: A comparison of two schools.

I was fortunate enough this year to get offered a place on the school February half-term trip to visit our link school: Farafenni Senior Secondary School in Farafenni, The Gambia. Having joined the trip at the last minute, prior to setting off I had been mainly focused on getting the relevant jabs and making sure I had everything prepared. It wasn’t until I was on the plane that I really started to think about what I’d heard about previous trips to the school, and what I was expecting to see and experience. To be honest, I struggled to imagine the similarities and differences between the UK and The Gambian education systems.

The Second Sandringham Education Book Club Meeting

Lunchtime today saw the second meeting of the Sandringham Education Book Club where, once again over pizza, we met to discuss Making Every Lesson Count by Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby.

The vast majority of the group found the book to be an easy read and very accessible, offering practical, common-sense ideas that could be used in the classroom. It was particularly noted that the structure of the chapters was useful, starting with an anecdote to draw you in and then divided into clear sub-sections that you could dip in and out of. It was clearly based on classroom experience, a definite plus.

'The Circle of Life' - Independent Learning

I decided I would only write a blog post if I could find a title from a song that sums up the essence of my thoughts! So, following a fantastic ELD day where the Arts Teams put together the ‘Lion King in a day’, I was prompted to reflect on the value of independence in learning. How do we foster this in our classrooms and what barriers do learners encounter when developing independence?

App of the Month - Quizizz

Don't get me wrong, Kahoot is great and really motivates students. However, there are a few features that would be useful:

- the ability to set a quiz not just live in the classroom but for homework

- for the answers to show up on student's devices so that they aren't all straining to see the whiteboard

- easy integration with Google Classroom

- you can see their real names for tracking instead of the joke names that older students seem to love! is what you should try.

My first steps into Lesson Study

Lesson Study has a well established history and success in Japan and has more recently been developed and explored within our education system.  The established types of lesson study in Japan involve either part of professional development in school or also as an aspect of initial teacher training.  Teachers are encouraged to share their findings in their home schools or to deliver sample lessons to form part of research conferences on the topic.  

App of the Month - Digital Assessment Tools at Sandringham



In the spirit of not bombarding people with new things, this month is a collection of tools that you can use for assessment at Sandringham. 

Some of these platforms we subsribe to (Show My Homework, SAM Learning) and others are free tools that we have talked about before.

The Assessment Crib Sheet has been put together by Jo Jones and was shared at our recent Sandringham Six twilight CPD session.

Hope it helps!

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