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PLT Pop Up Store!

We are just over three weeks into the Autumn term and it is such an inspiring time to be on the campus. Autumn colours are starting to emerge in the landscape and signs of the season are evident everywhere we walk. Our learners are still excited and in their new organisational routines which is lovely to see. It is great to see all of them trying their best as they navigate around a new campus or perhaps are trying to make a fresh start for the new term. We are excited to launch our PLT Pop Up Store in the staffroom tomorrow. The aim of the Pop up Store is to reflect on our findings so far and share ideas for the remainder of term. At such a busy time of year, it is easy to forget the importance of taking time to share and reflect so we hope you are able to join us and grab a goody bag filled with new ideas to help you if needed.

PLT Pop Up Store 2017 NEW.pdf239.34 KB