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Sandringham Professional Learning Team : T&L summary of the year 2016-2017


Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 5

Thank you to all our contributors to Volume 5 – it is fantastic to finally see it in print! You can also find a pdf version of the Journal here along with the previous four volumes. 


Sandringham Conference 2017:

A vast range of resources, including powerpoints, articles and resources from the 2017 Sandringham Conference can be found here



Interested in the use of research in school and the role of the research lead? Caroline Creaby reflects on the role and how it has evolved at Sandringham here


Interested in reading Fergal Moane’s Top Ten Tips for Teaching with Tablets? You can read it here


Do your students take pride in their work? Lizzy Ashley looks at a variety of digital portfolios here as one possible way to achieve this.


Calling time on ineffective revision practices! Caroline Creaby blogs about the development of the memory clock, an evidence-informed approach to revision, here


Attempting to bridge the gap between research and the classroom? Kate Mouncey blogs here about developing Evidence in Practice, a new strand to out twilight professional learning sessions.


Interested in research on knowledge retention and how you can use it in the classroom? Lizzy Ashley blogs about her review of research and how it has impacted on her teaching here


What impact does mindset really have? Read Lizzy Ashley and Laura Maberly’s reflections on the Vyners Conference here and here to find out.


Caroline Creaby blogs about her reflections on quizzing and the Memory Clock here


Thinking about the effectiveness of the homework you set? Gemma Harvey, Mel Heale and myself blog about our twilight professional learning sessions focusing on home learning here


Liz Kelly’s blog on the Art faculty’s approach to All or Nothing Week can be found here


Lizzy Ashley blogs about her plans for an all technology, paperless classroom here and she then updates here on how it actually went!


Rich Davis reflects on the goldenness of silence in his #Allornothing week blog here


Alice Constable considers whether no whiteboard and no projector will have a positive impact on memory here


I blog about my plans for an all literacy focused week at A Level here


Interested in Google Expedition and how it could be used in your classroom? I blog about my experience with my Year 9 class here


Nicola Gunton reflects on #AllOrNothing week here and the impact of no praise and no talking in her classroom.


Interested in factors affecting reading comprehension and strategies you could use to promote good reading comprehension? Read Jo Russell’s blog here


And finally, Lizzy Ashley blogs about attending the Hatfield TeachMeet here


Teaching Tips:

Interested in using QR codes or a mini URL? Lizzy Ashley shows you how in her Teaching Tip here


Thinking about paragraph structure and how best to support students with their writing? Matt Macguire’s teaching tip on 3 part paragraphs can be found here


Matt Macguire’s fabulous Teaching Tip on slow writing, sentence variation and online spelling tests can be found here. Additional resources to support slow writing can be found here


Interested in enhancing collaboration in your classroom? Lizzy Ashley explores the potential uses for Spiral in her Teaching Tip here.


Interested in getting the most out of Show My Homework? Fergal Moane summarises some new features you might be interested in using here


Interested in using Kagan structures and activities in your classroom? Carolina Unsain’s Teaching Tip on collaborative learning techniques can be found here


Jo Jones’ All Or Nothing Teaching Tip on silent debate can be found here


Interested in promoting speaking and listening skills in lesson? Alice Wiggett’s Teaching Tip on Agree, Build and Challenge activities which can be used to develop these skills can be found here


Silence is golden? Nicola Gunton’s Teaching Tip about her non-talking lessons during All Or Nothing week can be found here


How ‘readable’ are the texts that you use with students? Alice Wiggett’s Teaching Tip on how to discover the readability of the texts you use and DART activities can be found here


Do you need some inspiration for revision lessons? Jo Jones shares some ideas in her Teaching Tip here


The update on lesson observations for the summer term Appraisal schedule can be found here


Alice Wiggett’s fantastic SPaG Teaching Tip from this morning can be found here and contains a wealth of information about comma splicing, proof reading and colons and semi-colons!


Interested in using research evidence to inform your teaching? Sarah Jackson’s Teaching Tip gives you some suggestions on how to effectively use guided practice with students here


How about some Blended Learning? Lizzy Ashley’s interactive Teaching Tip on how to successfully use Nearpod in your lessons can be found here


Education Reading Group:

The first meeting of the Education Reading Group took place in October, and a summary of our discussion on teacher and student wellbeing can be found here


The second meeting discussed ‘Learning Teaching: Becoming an Inspirational Teacher’ by Boyd, Hymer and Lockney. You can read a summary of our discussion of belief vs ability here


And, a summary of the discussion at the Education Reading Group meeting last week about use of praise can be found here


An overview of the discussion from the Education Reading Group meeting on Assessment can be found here


An overview of the discussion from the Education Reading Group meeting on Differentiation can be found here


The final meeting this academic year of the Education Reading Group focused on The Science of Learning. A summary of our discussion can be found here


Teaching and Learning Newsletters:

The first Teaching and Learning newsletter of the year, focusing on the first twilight professional learning session can be found here


The second Teaching and Learning newsletter of the year, focusing on the Sandringham In The Zone Conference can be found here


And this term’s Teaching and Learning newsletter can be found here