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Talking, listening, celebrating - Sandringham's first TLC meeting

On Wednesday after school, Sandringham held its first Teaching and Learning Community meeting. I am proud to say that I organised it. I could have kissed the various colleagues who came along; delighted that they had bought into the idea. I had my doubts that, in mid-June, sandwiched between exams, with various other activities taking place, anyone would make it a priority to leave their faculty areas in order to meet with their colleagues to talk about teaching.


Will my Year 12s follow the advice of my Year 13s?

Continuing my work on growth mindset, I asked the students in one of my Year 13 Sociology classes to write a letter to a Year 12 Sociologist giving them some advice on how to get through the year. I gave them a proforma, pictured, but also gave them the freedom to use their own format if they preferred (none did).

When the purpose of the task is the process not the outcome

I am sat here blogging while my Year 13 students write an essay in timed conditions. They begged and pleaded with me to allow them to write the essay at home. They don't feel sufficiently well prepared to write the essay (despite having nearly an hour to plan it, in support groups, with a range of resources). They are fearful of producing an essay which doesn't meet their high standards. However, the issue with this particular class of (mostly) highly-motivated, high-achieving students, is that they can produce superb essays at home, with unlimited time, but struggle to perform under pressure. Of course, in the exam, they will have limited time and will be under enormous pressure. So today's challenge is about the process rather than the outcome.

Learning from the success of others

I have been focussing on learning from the successes of others in order to encourage the development of a Growth Mindset amongst my Year 12 Sociology students.
Once all the students had completed the GM questionnaire, we discussed the ideas behind the concept of a growth mindset and the ways in which the students might benefit from adopting this approach to their learning.
I was surprised to discover that the majority of students believed that they already learnt from the successes of their peers and didn’t feel they were resentful of others’ success. My experience of the class suggested otherwise!

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