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Reflections on research: The Science of Learning (Deans for Impact, 2015)

As a relatively newbie to using evidence in my practice I decided to start my reading about knowledge retention with a summary article on research called the Science of Learning by Deans for Impact. Please find the link to the research here:

5 key strategies that I picked up from Science for Learning:

1. The importance of connecting new ideas to prior knowledge:

The importance of achieving excellence at every level

Having reflected on my first year teaching, one issue that I continually think about is how can I make my somewhat difficult subject more accessible to each and every student, but also how can I ensure that each and every child feels like they have achieved within my lesson? Within History - and undoubtedly many other subjects as well - the trio of skills a student typically is faced with is describe, explain and evaluate. I spend at least a couple of minutes of nearly all of my lessons instructing students how to achieve evaluation and explaining the importance of pushing themselves to reach the higher levels.

Year 7 takeover week


Year 7 takeover was a whirlwind of increased student responsibility. As soon as I arrived on Monday morning my registration was taken out of my hands. And by Friday, students had even taken over staff briefing!  It was a fantastic opportunity amongst year 7 to develop aspiration, make the most of opportunities and also conquer their own nerves.

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