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Collaborative teaching – reflections on team teaching… so far.

This year Jo Russell and I have been teaching 70 twilight students their GCSE RS after school. We did not anticipate the large numbers and as a result we went from our original plan of teaching two separate classes to merging the two and team teaching. This was a new venture for us and so I did a bit of research into what strategies we could use.


Team Teaching Models


The first strategy we have tried is ‘one teach, one drift’.

ReAct: Work smarter not harder

Marking and feedback is an essential part of the job and we all spend hours marking books so we want to know that this hard work is actually benefitting the students we are doing it for.  The school initiative of ReAct has certainly got everyone inspired to develop some outstanding strategies for meaningful marking and feedback and in RS we have been going ReAct crazy too.


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