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5 effective assessment approaches using EdTech


As we start back to school, here are five approaches that can provide timely and effective feedback whilst potentially reducing marking workload (and using far less paper!)

1. Low Stakes Quizzing

Testing works. Research has demonstrated that taking a test on studied material promotes remembering that material on a final test, a phenomenon called the “testing effect.”

Sandringham Professional Learning Team : T&L summary of the year 2016-2017


Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 5

Thank you to all our contributors to Volume 5 – it is fantastic to finally see it in print! You can also find a pdf version of the Journal here along with the previous four volumes. 


One to One Device Strategy: 10 tips for success

We have many visitors to Sandringham as a teaching school, and many are interested in the strategy behind our Blended Learning and BYOD programmes.

Whilst there are presentations elewhere on Sandagogy on this topic, I though I would try to condense the advice into Ten Top Tips for implementing a successful eLearning programme.

Here they are: Ten Top Tips for Teaching with Tablets

September 2016 - Blended Learning Toolbox 2.0


Blended Learning Toolbox eBook front coverIn our last staff meeting of the summer term 2016, teachers reflected upon their use of blended learning in their lessons.

They brainstormed the set of tools, apps and websites that they had successfully used in the academic year.

The updated Blended Learning Toolbox now fills out the 'leaves' on our Blended Learning Tree with the subject-specific applications that teachers and students actually used and found useful.

Please keep suggestions coming in!

App of the Month - July 2016 - Augmented Reality

You may have noticed how children (and some child-like adults) are completely consumed by Pokémon Go?

The heart of this is a technology called Augmented Reality - where digital information is overlaid on top of the 'real world' as seen though the phone or device camera.

How can we harness some of this frenzy and apply it to learning?

I wanted to point you towards a previous article I wrote in 2014 on the leading Augmented Reality app in education - Aurasma.

App of the Month - June 2016 - Office Lens


Office LensWe all recognise the value of visualisers and being able to capture written student work and project on the screen, or capture sugar paper or whiteboard work for review.

Office Lens is a free app from Microsoft that transforms your iPhone or iPad into a scanner or visualiser. Office Lens will convert the document to a PDF, Work or Powerpoint andwill crop, straighten and enhance grabs of whiteboards, exercise books etc. It has other features such as trying to convert handwriing into digital text that can be edited (might struggle with some of our student's handwriting!)

The video below gives an explanation:

App of the Month - May 2016 - Collaboration tools

One of the key goals for Blended Learning is the idea of collaboration. This could be group work in lessons, collaborating with teachers, collaborating with peers outside lesson times or simply presenting work at the front of the class for analysis.

In the spirit of not introducing a raft of new tools, we revisit some of the tools for collaboration that were seen at our #Back2School conference in February including Google Classroom, Nearpod, Baiboard, Quizziz and Airserver.

Thanks to Jo Jones for putting a crib sheet together for our Twilight CPD sessions. This is worth sharing with a wider audience.

BYOD and Exit Tickets

Exit Ticket example

How can we make a judgement on progress in a lesson or across a series of lessons?

You can use summative assessment, but sometimes a quick quiz or exit ticket can provide information from each individual learner to make this judgement.

App of the Month - Quizizz

Don't get me wrong, Kahoot is great and really motivates students. However, there are a few features that would be useful:

- the ability to set a quiz not just live in the classroom but for homework

- for the answers to show up on student's devices so that they aren't all straining to see the whiteboard

- easy integration with Google Classroom

- you can see their real names for tracking instead of the joke names that older students seem to love! is what you should try.

App of the Month - Digital Assessment Tools at Sandringham



In the spirit of not bombarding people with new things, this month is a collection of tools that you can use for assessment at Sandringham. 

Some of these platforms we subsribe to (Show My Homework, SAM Learning) and others are free tools that we have talked about before.

The Assessment Crib Sheet has been put together by Jo Jones and was shared at our recent Sandringham Six twilight CPD session.

Hope it helps!

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