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My first steps into Lesson Study

Lesson Study has a well established history and success in Japan and has more recently been developed and explored within our education system.  The established types of lesson study in Japan involve either part of professional development in school or also as an aspect of initial teacher training.  Teachers are encouraged to share their findings in their home schools or to deliver sample lessons to form part of research conferences on the topic.  

Artsweek - strategies for all

In the week beginning June 23rd Sandringham will be hosting its annual Artsweek.  As part of this we would welcome staff to include arts based strategies in their teaching.  The attached document will help staff to develop ideas that could integrate into lessons.


Each time a student takes part in an Arts related activity they earn an Artsweek merit which counts as one house point.  


Get involved and be part of a celebration of the Arts teaching at Sandringham.

Year 10 Exams - Taking responsibility for exam success through self reflection

Our Year 10 musicians have been given self-reflection tasks based on their Year 10 exam papers to improve their exam preparation techniques.

Within the attached document students are asked to reflect on questions that they were proud to get correct, on questions that could easily be fixed and areas that require additional support.

Students then have to complete an Independent Responsibility Task which asks them to prepare revision notes on topics or styles of questions that were not successful in the Year 10 exams.  

During feedback on the paper students have to also mind map on key learning signposts and add additional notes to a key terms glossary.

The Big Spring Clean!

Every KS3 student in Music is involved in the The Big Spring Clean this week.  This involves thorough book checking from a set list.  Every student must complete the full check to achieve the Big Spring Clean sticker in their book.  

A simple and quick strategy for ensuring every book is at the expected standard in terms of presentation and organisation.

Get involved!

Stickers available from Louise Grubb

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