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Trial Examination Reflections

After Year 12 Mock Exam Week, I wanted my year 12 students to reflect on their performance and the areas that they needed to focus on going forward rather than just look at the grade and forget about the paper.


I started by giving the class a blank copy of the exam paper and asked them to RAG their performance on each question according to whether they felt they had achieved the marks for that question or not.

Students coloured the grid in red if they felt they had not scored any marks, amber if they felt they had scored some of the marks and green if they felt they had scored all marks available for that question.

Developing a Growth Mindset - Challenge

Working with Year 12 on the 'challenge' aspect of a growth mindset

As part of the work of the ALTs, I have been working with my Year 12 Chemistry AS level group on developing the Challenge aspect of Growth Mindset.


January 2014

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