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Emma Beaton

Can’t wait for this. We have so many brilliant activities planned and it will be a superb celebration of the arts.…

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Mark Allday

School closures pose a risk to the attainemnt gap between key student groups widening. Personalised & differeniated…

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Sandringham EdTech Demonstrator School

Very pleased to launch the twitter feed of the @SandringhamSch1 @EdtechDemo schools programme, would you like free…

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Sandringham Research

NEW TODAY: Episode 1 of Best Bets, our new podcast, featuring the ever wise and incisive @marcrowland73 discussing…

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Teach Computing NW London, West Herts & Beds

We now have 4 episodes of the Sandringham Computing Hub podcast feat this amazing line up 👉: @KarenJPaul

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Sandringham School

Want to work at a World Class School? We have a range of exciting opportunities for teaching and support staff! See…

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Miss Chapman KBA

Yay! I found it! This is what I was looking for earlier in the week, if anyone is interested 😊

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NEW: Webinar on how we designed the blended learning and Bring Your Own Device strategy at Sandringham EdTech Demon…

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Sandringham Research

NEW: If you read one thing today, make it this. A brilliant and honest exploration of the challenges of virtual tea…

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Sandringham Visual Arts

Some fabulous pieces of art being submitted!! Well done to all of our wonderful visual artists who took part today…

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Using Google Classroom to support differentiation in distance learning

On 24th April 2020, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published an evidence-based report designed for school leaders and teachers to share what the evidence suggests on effective distance and online learning approaches. Their report derived a number of key...

The pitfalls and pluses of Google Meet

Experts believe from many years of research that as a human race we rely upon the art of reading body language in order to help us understand the people around us. We have all been in situations no doubt where we have experienced both positive and negative body...

Sandringham EdTech Demonstrator : Blended Learning Strategy

  Presentation slides: EdTech Demonstrator - BYOD Strategy at Sandringham...
Students viewing work on tablet

Remote Learning – Apps for Exemplification

Review of apps by Hannah Fryer that have been used for exemplification at Sandringham during the period of remote teaching due to Covid lockdown

Pre-recording for Virtual Learning

Hayden Reynolds, Chemistry Teacher, has been using recording technology to pre-record lessons or explanations for students. I asked him about his approach to virtual learning. Hayden, what do you think is the benefit of pre-recording your lessons? I think that the...

Virtual history teaching

Following on from recent blogs on Sandagogy, it's so valuable to get an insight into how teachers in different subjects are approaching virtual teaching. As identified in the recent EEF remote learning evidence review, one of they five key findings was that for remote...

Virtual science feedback

With my Year 10 class, we began the lockdown period by revising. This meant that I did not have to write new work for them. However, I was keen to help them gain the most from revision. The class were a high attaining class and in previous class discussions, it had...

Encouraging online engagement from students

Moving learning online has necessarily been a steep learning curve for both students and teachers alike. Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) lessons are delivered for one hour a week in Key Stage 3, so in the first two to three Virtual Learning Curriculum (VLC)...

Consistency in virtual Science teaching

I have tried various different approaches to delivering a virtual curriculum. The elements I have found to be most successful so far are consistency in structure and regular feedback. I have a one-year-old at home and a partner who works long hours. My approach to the...

Marking written essays remotely

Teachers at Sandringham School have been using Google Classroom to set students work throughout the period of school closures. For those familiar with the platform, there are so many pluses of using Google to set and collect work from students. However, depending on...

Blended Learning Master Class

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