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Kate Mouncey

Looking forward to presenting at my first ever #GAConf19. Summarising key ideas from work @SandResearch &

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Two important papers on using EdTech in schools from @EducEndowFoundn and @educationgovuk have been published recen…

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Kate Mouncey

Metacognition, memory and feedback - how they can be used to aid learning in GCSE and A level geography…

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Katie Beddoe

Sharing exemplar answers with year 11 GCSE students to encourage them to check their own answers for misconceptions…

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Athena Pitsillis

Excellent use of a student exemplar coupled with thinking aloud and detailed feedback and scaffolding to support st…

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Sandringham Vis Arts

Thinking about how artists think to reflect upon our own practice and approach #Learning2Learn@sandagogy

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Dance Sandringham

Year 10 GCSE carry out self-reflective practice and metacognition followed by concept mapping #learning2learn

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Katie Beddoe

Year 8 homework, encouraging independent revision by using online learning tools #Learning2Learn

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Teaching from the back of the room today. Mirroring the iPad to the projector and using a stylus to model answers f…

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Joanna Cavanagh

Cornell notes in action with Yr 13 Chemists 🧪 @SandringhamSch1 #learning2learn

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Literacy Update – Spring 2019

See the report below from Kelly Bulbeck for the latest updates on Literacy at Sandringham, including work on The Vocabulary Gap, our rollout of Literacy Ladders and a research project with Herts for Learning on Reading...

Realising the potential of technology in Education

Two recent publications have given a renewed impetus for the controlled and sensible use of technology in schools: 1. The Education Endowment Foundation published their four recommendations on using digital technology in education...

SEND Strategy Bookmarks

Our SEND department have created a set of bookmarks for teachers that help to demystify common SEND conditions and provide some simple to use strategies to support students. These are designed to be printed double-sided and laminated, as per the picture...

eLearning – Thinking about Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and our teaching practice

Bloom’s Taxonomy, developed in the 1950’s, expressed thinking and learning through a set of concepts that begin with lower order thinking skills and build to higher order thinking skills. The initial phraseology of Bloom’s Taxonomy had six levels, beginning with...

Quick quizzes

I was reminded of this idea, whilst observing a lesson. A great starter is a quick quiz with up to 10 questions for students to answer. This helps students to remember what they were learning about in the last lesson and help them begin to make their framework for...

Designing and Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies – UK Schools Launch

One of the biggest challenges in teaching with an eLearning approach is knowing what are effective pedagogies to use once the basics of technology and software have been overcome. Providing the answers to this question is the goal of the DEIMP project - an Erasmus+...

Inclusion is our T&L Focus this year

For 2018-19 academic year, our focus is upon Inclusion. We have reorganised to try to integrate the support given for SEND, Pupil Premium, Children Looked After and High Starters (Gifted and Talented). The idea is to maximise the potential for every child, surely the...

Sandringham CPD Teach Meet 2018

Here are some of the thoughts and resources from the Sandringham summer Teach Meet on 26th June 2018 Karen Paul - Opening presentation and launch of the Sandringham Learning Journal Presentation for Teach Meet Rich Davis - Prioritising Pastoral In the Prioritising...

Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory by Nicola Gunton Having delivered the Twilight INSET on based Memorable Teaching by Peps Mccrea and working with an NQT I have become more interested in cognitive load. In the INSET session I introduced this idea by having a written task to read...

Should we be grouping students by attainment?

There has long been unclear evidence as to the impact of grouping by attainment. Many of us can probably recall some evidence that setting only benefits students in the top groups and can have a detrimental effect on the lower sets. But where did this research come...

Blended Learning Master Class

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