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Teaching Tip – Quizlet Live

Quizlet is super simple, but that’s part of its appeal. Teachers and students can browse existing content or upload their own. Just like real flashcards that you make or borrow from a friend, quality can vary, but on the...

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Using Comment Banks in Google Classroom

Andrew Cracknell demonstrates how to use the built-in Comment Bank feature in Google Classroom. The case study is for A-level Physical Education and shows how to provide feedback against assessment objectives where statements...

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Virtual learning – advice for teachers

This page collects together ideas that are particularly focussed upon pedagogy for virtual learning. There is a deluge of vendors offering their digital wares for free or reduced price at this time. While this is welcome,...

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Exemplifying SMSC

Hannah Coy, our SMSC lead at Sandringham, gave a presentation on the key strands within SMSC and how it can be exemplified through the...

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Personalised Literacy Strategies

Teaching tip from our Literacy coordinator Kelly Bulbeck on how to use the data from PT Tests in English to personalise literacy teaching for students with a range of different profiles in English Skills and Reading...

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Dialogic Teaching

As part of our focus upon Oracy, we highlighted the research and work of Robin Alexander and Neil Phillipson on Dialogic Teaching. There are straightforward adjustments that can be made to classroom practice to support students...

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