At Sandringham we have established an outstanding ethos that encourages students to transition beyond traditional engagement with learning to encourage a sense of ownership in their learning. In lessons and beyond we encourage students to have an intrinsic sense of motivation, a shared sense of goals for learning, an understanding of the learning process in shaping their futures and the ability to apply their learning to the wider context.

You could try the following strategies to encourage students to take ownership of their learning:

  1. Encourage student involvement in the decision making process. Seek opportunities to enable students to participate within your lesson planning.

  2. You could reduce teacher talk during lessons and consider instead methods of encouraging students to communicate, collaborate or identify opportunities to work with peers to identify ownership opportunities.

  3. Encourage inquiry to promote ownership. Encourage students to take the initiative and seek to model this in your approach.

  4. Focus on learning in all conversations to ensure students understand the process of learning rather than the notion of work.