Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning underpins all learning and teaching activities. Our focus is to ensure marking is mindful, enabling our teachers to focus their comments and next step marking to facilitate maximum progress for learners. Dr Velda Elliott and Dr Jenni Ingram have produced the recent EEF report which encourages teachers to consider their approach to marking in order to be more effective in their working practice: “Be more selective and do it better, and if you’re spending x amount of time marking a book then if students are not spending twice that amount of time responding to it, then why did you spend that time doing it? Are you doing it for the SLT so there are things written in the book? Are you doing it for parents so that they see there’s some response? Are you doing it emotionally for the kids so they know you’re looking? And sometimes there’s a value in that but actually that shouldn’t be the principal feedback that you give.” 

You can read the full report here:


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