Sandringham School is proud to be a member of the Excellence and Growth Schools Network.  This network has been set up by a group of school leaders, interested in fostering a growth mindset across and within their schools.  As a network of schools we are committed to developing a culture of excellence and aspiration in everything we do within our whole community.

By doing this we will:

  • Raise aspirations of students, staff, families and the whole community

  • Develop and instil a desire for learning that is deep and lasting

  • Foster a growth mindset

  • Transform the life chances of our young people by realising their potential

We believe that this is achieved by embedding the following qualities and attributes of ‘Excellence & Growth’:

  • An ethic of hard work and deliberate practice – with a view to mastering key academic content and skills;

  • A culture and expectation of excellence – through academic rigour, challenge and high expectations;

  • Perseverance and resilience – so developing an understanding that struggle and overcoming obstacles are both key to success;

  • An ability to think critically and solve problems;

  • An appreciation and understanding of feedback and critique– as a means of developing a deep learning;

  • An ability to communicate ideas well and work collaboratively.

The network of schools will support each other with this by:

  • Sharing case studies of strategies and techniques that schools have used to develop growth and excellence through a regularly updated blog;

  • Share blog articles relating to developing a Growth Mindset;

  • Sharing knowledge and resources;

  • Offering consultancy support for schools;

  • Facilitating collaborative work and visits between schools;

  • Organising annual conferences to share best practice;

  • Organising webinars to support collaboration and development