The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook by Jim Smith and Ian Gilbert

I was first introduced to this book by a friend at the very start of my PGCE. At that point in time I was trying so hard to please my very picky tutor that I would never have dreamed of sitting back and saying nothing to the students for almost an entire hour! However, only 18 months later and I love this book. Sure, it is nothing new or ground breaking if you have been teaching for a while but it gave me that nudge I needed to try something more exciting and engaging.

For those of you who haven’t read this book it isn’t literally a handbook for teachers who don’t want to do anything! It is a series of structured ideas that encourage independent, collaborative and group learning without you the teacher getting in the way! Lesson ideas like this take time to prepare (so this is the bit where you have to work rather than be lazy!), but once the lesson has started your students are empowered to lead their own learning without you interfering.

I love anything creative, bright coloured and interactive so this book has given me the confidence to trust my students and to let them lead their own learning! Overall I would rate it highly and say that it is a handy book to have on your desk, even if it is just to give you a nudge!

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